Monday, May 7, 2007

Yoga for the Mind

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Something that I've been trying to get more into lately (and I even got my boyfriend to take a class with me, which he really enjoyed!) is yoga! Yoga is really relaxing, but REALLY hard at the same time - it's so much about strength, flexibility and balance.

There's actually a yoga studio in Pacific Beach that offers free yoga classes on Sundays here in San Diego. I found out about the class through one of my brides, who said that she takes 4 classes a week after someone commented on her toned legs. This studio also offers surfer's yoga, which my boyfriend was all over, and would like to try the class out. :)

I think everyone should try a yoga class at least once! Some beginning classes are harder than others, but it's definitely worth trying!

Friday, May 4, 2007


So since I've been researching about cars like mad the past few days (I just took my old car in today to get it diagnosed.. yea, poor thing is going to be leaving us soon), one thing I have been looking into are cars and their carbon emissions. One website that gives you awesome info about this is Simply go to the Road section, enter in what car you have, and annual mileage, and it will tell you how much lbs of carbon you're emitting into the air. It also tells you how to offset it by purchasing carbon credits.

You can also purchase credits for flights you take, and home usage. What's the point? Well they basically offset your carbon emissions by funding clean air sources. Neat, yea? :)

Awesome idea, and I found it VERY helpful regarding what cars to consider for having the lowest emissions. I looked at several cars, comparing mine to newer ones. Obviously, the hybrid would be the best bet, but after doing some number crunching, it isn't the most affordable bet for me either. I can actually afford a regular Civic, and something my boyfriend noted was that if finances get better next year, maybe we can trade it in for a hybrid.

*sigh* I test drove both the regular Civic and the Hybrid Civic today and oh goodness, I yearn for the hybrid WITH navigation. Why can't you be affordable?!

Here's a conversation I had with my boyfriend today in the car too which I found amusing.

HIM: Hybrid cars aren't affordable... you don't see poor people driving hybrids
ME: No, poor people take public transportation which is better.
HIM: .....
HIM: Well, you don't see lower middle class people driving hybrids.


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Time for a new car

I know it's been a while since I've posted.. things got busy for me doing weddings, and I wasn't able to upkeep this, since I really wanted to post at least one photo per post... and I want to have them be my photos as much as possible!

So, last week my car's transmission decided that it's time for it to die, and thus begins my search for a new car. I really want a hybrid - preferably the Honda Civic hybrid, but my brother, the sensible one, crashed all my hopes when he said "can you AFFORD IT?"

Honestly, with all that I wanted, (navigation and etc) I didn't know if I could afford a brand new one. I sure as heck wanted a shiny new one though.

So instead, I'm off to try and find certified used deals. Figure out what I can and can't afford. And in the end, he said "If anything, just get a regular Civic" Umm... nah.

Maybe I'll just get a car that takes bio diesel.