Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Time for a new car

I know it's been a while since I've posted.. things got busy for me doing weddings, and I wasn't able to upkeep this, since I really wanted to post at least one photo per post... and I want to have them be my photos as much as possible!

So, last week my car's transmission decided that it's time for it to die, and thus begins my search for a new car. I really want a hybrid - preferably the Honda Civic hybrid, but my brother, the sensible one, crashed all my hopes when he said "can you AFFORD IT?"

Honestly, with all that I wanted, (navigation and etc) I didn't know if I could afford a brand new one. I sure as heck wanted a shiny new one though.

So instead, I'm off to try and find certified used deals. Figure out what I can and can't afford. And in the end, he said "If anything, just get a regular Civic" Umm... nah.

Maybe I'll just get a car that takes bio diesel.

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