Friday, February 23, 2007

Mutts Shtuff

Mutts is my favorite comic ever - I love the honest, innocent insights from Mooch and Earl, the main characters (a kitty and a dog! Incidentally, we named our kitty Mooch too). It's just too adorable! I LOVE some of the stuff they carry in their online store too - here are two things I'm really wanting right now!

Greeting Cards that you can plant!
I LOVE this idea - you send someone a greeting card and bouquet in one! Each card is embedded with wildflower seeds - I would love to even receive a card and plant it just to see!!

The card company that they use, Green Field Paper, is located here in San Diego as well, and I actually tried hunting down their products locally before, but I really want to try and find these cards just to try it out!!

100% Organic PJ's
My favorite is one with Earl saying "Go Organic!" of course :)

Edit to add: Thanks to Arcadia at The Goode Life, there's also a link that shows you how to make your own paper you can plant with seeds! Awesome - I should really put this to use, since I have some wildflower packets I haven't been able to use.

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Arcadia said...

I received a greeting you can plant over Xmas. I haven't done it yet, but I too loved the idea...anyway I was inspired by the idea and tried to find a card company that sold them, while looking I found a site instead that gave directions on how to make it. I posted the site on my blog, under Cargo's Plant Love.

this is idea is really starting to take off.