Friday, February 23, 2007

Greener Printer

I finally got my paper samples from Greener Printer!

Usually I print my own business cards - which is fine for me, but now that I'm starting to raise my pricing to even higher and really jump into a different price bracket, I probably should invest in some fancier business cards. Plus, I've been thinking about doing bridal shows as well, and I will need postcards and handouts! Originally, I thought about doing all that myself too, but 1) it's a lot of work, 2) it's a lot of time - two things I can't spare right now. Plus, with my lifestyle change, it was going to be hard finding a suitable printer.

I heard about green printing companies using soy-based inks and the like, so when I found Greener Printer, I was thrilled. I immediately ordered a sample packet and ooohed and ahhed over it today.

The quality is awesome - the only thing I was kind of disappointed about was that they didn't include their business card sample, which was one of the bigger reasons I got the sample in the first place!! But I got a good idea of their card stock and printing, so I'm very excited.

If you ever need anything printed in fairly large quantities, you should definitely check them out! They have a real-time estimator on their website too, which is awesome because you will be able to see how much something will REALLY cost you.

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carolee said...

This is pretty cool. I think my church uses these guys: