Monday, June 11, 2007

Red Hot and Green

If you don't watch HGTV religiously (like I do) then you may not have seen their newest show (special feature? full show? I'm not sure), called Red Hot & Green. The premiere episode showed a San Diego (yay!) couple trying to green their home and carpenter Carter Oosterhouse and eco designer Danny Seo headed the project! Lots of great ideas, I LOVED the kitchen and backyard - honestly, I WANT A BACKYARD!

In other news, our neighborhood did what I've been saying for the past few months - DITCH the two ugly huge waste bins and one tiny recycling bin for ONE big waste bin and ONE big recycling bin! Our recycling in the neighborhood was overflowing as it was, and it was IRRITATING to see recycling in the waste bin cause it didn't fit.


Carrot said...

I love the show! I usually watch it with my Grandpa and I am still in the middle of actively convincing him to change some of his weird practices, so here I am "forcing" him to watch the show with me, which I think he enjoys as well!

modest prom dress said...

I love this show a lot. I am learning a lot..everyday!

buddha decor said...

I hope I can find them in DVD!

Katherine said...

Yes you will find them in DVD.. I have a copy. I did bought it..