Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Style Me Pretty - Green Weddings

This is something I truly want to do when my own wedding comes around - having a green wedding! With the recent development of people being more eco-conscious, green wedding ideas are popping everywhere! One awesome post in particular is from Abby Jean of Style Me Pretty. All the ideas are awesome! One thing I really want to do when my own wedding rolls around is making my own dress. I might not be the one to sew it together necessarily, but I would love to! My mom is more skilled at that than I am. One dress I love is this Alvina Valenta design.

One of my favorite parts of her post is the Olivia Luca dresses! The website even allows you to create your own dress. Awesome!

I have so many more green wedding ideas up my sleeve, but I'll post more another time. Especially resources here in San Diego!

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Having a green wedding would be unique! Can't wait for your ideas.