Thursday, March 1, 2007

DIY Grocery Bags

Making your own grocery bags (or anything bags, really!) is a great way to make it whatever size you want, and whatever fabric you want (recycle!)! I made this bag a loooong time ago, using a thrift store find table linen (or was it a bed sheet?? I can't remember!) and the Jordy Bag pattern.

I obviously made the size of the bag much bigger than a handbag, and I attached the straps differently. I not only use this bag for groceries (which I've gotten compliments on) but I use it for EVERYTHING - a beach bag, a carry bag for Gromit's things when we have friends watch him, a book bag, library bag, etc!!

The best thing? This HUGE bag only cost me about $3 for the fabric and it's lasted for years already!


carolee said...

i like the bag :) nice pattern!

mel said...

Cute bag! But I think I would need about 10 of those for my grocery shopping outings!

sus said...

Well you should make 10 then! Hahah no, these bags hold a LOT, more than a regular grocery bag. Plus I noticed a lot that people don't bag properly.. they use two bags instead of just using one. I understand trying to protect the groceries, but I'm trying to save bags here!!!