Monday, March 5, 2007

Buy British

I've been fairly busy this weekend - helping with wedding planning, getting my car checked out and fixed, etc! Today, when my boyfriend and I were waiting for our cars to be done, walked around the little shopping center and found a store called "British Foods" And I realized that it was an English import food store! Of course, I had to go in!! And I found lots of fun things. A lot wasn't organic and etc, but I have a blast finding new things!

Rishi Tea, which I've heard good things about. Fairly high quality tea too, it seems - it cost about $20 for one of the cans of tea. I put it down immediately because I can't afford such extravagant teas!!

I loved the way these sacks looked with their little owl eyes! So cute!

This was the only thing the boy and I bought - a bottle of Schweppes Bitter Lemon soda. The cashier lady (who had the cutest accent) told us it was the "most refreshing drink." We put it in the fridge and took a few sips once it was chilled - and interestingly enough, it tastes just like the Dole Lime fruit bars that unfortunately got discontinued! :( - only in all liquid form!

Here are a few more interesting things in the store I took photos of:

I have more I'm going to post hopefully tomorrow! :D


mel said...

I love browsing through foods from other countries. Whenever I travel, I like going to the grocery stores. It makes me feel like a local, but also lets me see what their food is like. This isn't really long-distance travel, but when I went to Vancouver with Matt's family, his sisters and I bought a huge stash of candy that was different from those we have in the U.S. It was fun trying them all and comparing them to things that we're used to.

Lana said...

I heart bitter lemon soda. What a good find!h