Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Living the Green Life

Making the decision to live a green life is sometimes hard living in a world where green isn't so mainstream (yet!). I decided to create this blog to help others - posting about products, reviews, adventures and just things that my boyfriend and I have been doing to have a greener lifestyle. Obviously this is still in the beginning stages, but I'm hoping to get some great stuff up and out there - not just living day to day, but for other situations, like weddings (obviously, since they are such a huge part of my life!) among other things.

I have so much that I want to begin with, but it's hard to start just anywhere, when you want to make posts that have meaning in each one. I guess I can start a little about what I do.

I'm a wedding photographer living in San Diego - and lately I've been trying to think up ways to give back in green ways. I've found this website 1% for the Planet, which is basically an organization that businesses join, pledging to give at least 1% of their income/sales to environmental causes. I think this is awesome, and something I really want to get into. I guess my own apprehension is that I really don't know where to start! Joining something like this feels like such a big thing to me, and kind of intimidating, I guess. It really shouldn't be, since it's meant for good, yes? I already emailed them, and they sent back information, which I haven't really been able to sit down and read just yet. I'm hoping soon that I can join them though.

I think another reason why I'm feeling so apprehensive about the whole thing is that I don't feel good about my own money - especially this year - business is slow. I'm horrible at bookkeeping, and money watching. I'm trying my very best right now though.

We'll see, won't we? :)


tracey said...

I love this blog already! I'm so into building an green house. My favourite designer is Michelle Kaufmann who does the amazing breezehouse - http://www.mkd-arc.com/whatwedo/breezehouse/twoStory.cfm

Unfortunately I'm in the wrong country!

sus said...

Ohh! That looks so amazing - I see houses similar to that here, and I would love to live in one, but $$$$!!!