Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Green Publications

I love books and I LOVE magazines even more. I'm a junkie before I go to bed - you should see the pile on my side of the bed! I like to read and look at magazines and think up ideas, styles, etc - before sleeping. It's not the most green thing to do, but I recycle and have been trying to give away the magazines that I no longer read to others who might enjoy them. I thought I'd share with you some of the books and magazines I have and thoughts.

One of my first books, this is pretty much a non-toxic cleaning BIBLE. It has so much interesting information about everyday household things that you don't even realize. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to put their foot into a greener lifestyle. This definitely outlines so much, plus it's great to keep on the bookshelf for referencing!

I actually bought this a while back at Costco and didn't get around to reading it till recently. It's got lots of great simple tricks and changes to make your home and life greener. It breaks it down fairly easily from room to room and in incriments on how seriously you want to commit to the changes.

I didn't read this book all the way through like I did the last two - I kind of jumped around a bit, so it didn't feel "full" like the other two did to me. But it really has some great information, some even outside of the home, like investing and energy and putting your money where your mouth is, basically.

This is a really dark sounding book - because it does address a scary fact - petroleum - something most of the world relies on, is quickly diminishing. I picked this book up primarily because I want to live in a way where I don't need to rely on a non-renewable resource, and it's got some interesting recipes, and is a how-to-survival guide. I haven't been able to really read this because a lot of it addresses home things that I can't change, living in a condo. Maybe once I live in my own home, eh?

I actually picked this up at the Tower Books in Sacramento while it was closing down (RIP Tower Records!!) - it was my last visit to a store that my boyfriend and I spent a lot of time in when we still lived at home. I picked this up mainly because I loved the ideas I saw in the book - and I even tried the butternut squash recipe in the book (although, I didn't quite blend it well enough and didn't turn out the way I wanted it to). The author, Danny Seo, also has a blog. :)


Now, magazines! If you ask my boyfriend, I have way too many magazines for my own good. But I love them, their ever changing information, pretty pictures and current articles.

Organic Style was one of my FAVORITE magazines, until it died. I used to go to the library and check out a ton of them. Unfortunately, they don't carry it at my local library anymore, but I love looking at the back issues that I have. One of my favorite ones was from March 05 (I think), where they highlighted Alicia Silverstone (I love her!) and talked about green weddings.

Natural Health is another cool magazine - not quite as awesome as Organic Style though.

Natural Home I only have one issue of, so I haven't really been able to judge the magazine as a whole. So far, I enjoy the issues because it focuses more on the home, while Natural Health is obviously about health and Organic Style was about everything inbetween.


There are also magazines that aren't originally green, but because of the recent trend, have come out with green issues this month. These are also, coincidentally, two of my most favorite magazines in the world.

I love Domino - the colors, the style, the homes! It's an inspiring magazine, and I was thrilled when I saw this issue at my local bookstore. It has some great ideas - too bad a lot of them are quite pricey, but it also has great tips, and who said you have to get exactly what they get? Go to a thrift store!

Readymade - one of the magazines I actually subscribe to (I'm this [] close to subscribing to Domino), and I was ecstatic when I saw what this issue was about this month. Readymade was already great in green ways - a majority of their projects are about reusing things and remaking them into other things. This issue had a lot of cool ideas, but I honestly didn't feel like I could put many of them into fair use. And didn't feel that radically different than their other issues. A good effort though!

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