Monday, February 26, 2007

Green Pets

Meet Gromit (our pup) and Mooch (our kitty). They're our babies, our children. Gromit really needs a haircut, as you can see. :)

If you're like us, and live in a condo/apartment (upstairs too!) where you don't really have your own yard and need to walk your dog often, then you are probably familiar with picking up after your dog. I used to use plastic grocery bags before I started being more green-conscious, but then, I discovered these at the store:

BioBags for Dog Waste!
They're made of corn, and biodegradable, just like the trash bags. They're much more simple to use too, I think. You pick up the waste, turn it inside out, and they provide a little hole that you slip through so you don't need to do any tying. Simple! They're about $5 for a box of 50 at health food stores.

Also, for Mooch, we've started using this:

World's Best Cat Litter
It's the only cat litter made from whole kernel corn. It was funny when I first started using it, Mooch and Gromit sat there sniffing the bag for a long time probably cause they thought it was food.

I'm so glad we switched because I was previously using a clay-based litter, and the smell was overly fragrant, and the dust would cause me to sneeze. Every time I changed the litter box, I had to leave the room for a while. I'm still in the process of gradually getting him over to the new litter. When changing your cat's litter brand, mix it in with their old litter and make it a gradual process.

It's kitty approved!

Also, for Gromit, we use Bio-Groom Fluffy Puppy shampoo when giving him a bath. It's all natural with human-grade products.

For food, we feed them Chicken Soup for the Dog/Cat Lover's Soul, which is all natural. We also occasionally feed Mooch Innova Evo, but it's quite pricey, and Chicken Soup is much more reasonable. (It's funny when I tell the vet what I'm feeding them too.. they usually have never heard of the brand which is funny.) When buying foods for pets, pay attention to the ingredient list! PURE meats should be first - like chicken, turkey, or beef... NOT chicken-meal or chicken-by-products. The rest of the ingredient list should be mostly ingredients you recognize. Also, try and stay away from fillers - like corn, soy, wheat. Many pets are allergic to this, and it's a filler - not nutrient rich like actual meats. Try and stay away from products using rice as a first ingredient as well. Many cheaper grocery store brands use fillers as the first ingredient - that's why they're so cheap. Plus, the less fillers, the less waste your pets will have! This is VERY true as I noticed when changing Mooch's food around.

I think when changing your eating habits and changing to a greener lifestyle, you should do the same for your pets. Treat them with the same respect as any human. Everyone will be happier and healthier in the long run! :D



carolee said...

are they still getting enough fiber if they're eating so much more meat? or do they need a lot of fiber?

sus said...

well they do still get fiber - i'm not sure exactly how much pets need, but they get their fiber from apples and etc in the food.

Lynn said...

BioBags! What a nice idea. I'll be sure to let my sister know about this one. They use regular plastic bags right now, so this one will be a nice green change.

Mark said...

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